‘From friction to solution’ – that’s what innovation means to us.
We develop product and service concepts based on needs. We
call it consumer-centric concept development. We base this
on the principles of Design Thinking and work according
to a clear and orderly process. This creates solutions that really
make a difference!


We help your organisation develop future-proof innovations. We achieve this in 5 concrete steps, based on the principles of Design Thinking:

  1. Scope. Together with your team, we explore the issue and build on existing knowledge. We then develop hypotheses and identify any gaps or loopholes that need addressing.
  2. Discover. Based on existing information, we delve into customer needs, developments and trends. Where necessary, we gather additional input via our qualitative methods, such as BL*Campfire or BL*Semiotics.
  3. Frame. Together, we develop opportunity platforms, in which we visualise key focus areas. We define them using the 5Ws: who, what, when, why, where and how.
  4. Ideate. In one week, we progress from ideas to concepts and prototypes in four to six short sprints.
  5. Build. We hone the results from the ideation phase together with consumers. Then translate them into, for example, briefings for communication and/or design.

From fiction to solution

We work closely with your team and consumers. We continuously adjust concepts based on feedback. This keeps innovations future-proof. The turnaround of an innovation project is fast. Within a week, you will already have an insights-based roadmap that can guide and inspire your organisation.

Our approach also works well online. Making it easy to create inspiring innovative solutions on an international scale.

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