A need-driven/user-centric team-up with the client,
an iterative process and a constant focus on concrete
: that is what you can expect from our innovative
approach with BL*Concepting.


BL*Concepting works according to the principles of Design Thinking. In five concrete steps – scope, discover, frame, ideate and build – we develop concrete product or service concepts together.

BL*Concepting helps you in every phase of concept development.

  • We always begin by gathering astute consumer insights. This forms the basis for a clear proposition that meets user needs.
  • Next, we work together to develop your concept on all levels of emotional and functional benefits and Reasons to Believe (RtBs). And the concept should not only fit your brand, but also add something to it. That becomes part of the process.
  • With BL*Concepting, we also make sure that your concept remains intact the moment it enters the innovation funnel.

For innovation issues, we follow the following five steps:

  • Scope. We begin with a work session in which we use the 5W model to map existing knowledge in a structured way, develop hypotheses and define knowledge gaps.
  • Discover. We gain insight into the behaviour, needs and experiences of consumers/users. We do this through the curation of existing knowledge, which we complement with insights from (online) qualitative research, BL*Campfire or BL*Semiotics, depending on what is needed.
  • Frame. Together, we define and develop consumer need-driven Opportunity Boards as a starting point for the ideation phase.
  • Ideate. We host ideation workshops. During which, we develop concepts and prototypes using proven techniques and methods, which we refine in co-creation with users.
  • Build. We finalise concepts and develop roadmaps, business canvasses or briefings for R&D, design agencies, etc.


With a BL innovation journey you can expect:

  • Valuable customer-centric, future-proof concepts that you can develop directly.
  • A shared, insights-based roadmap that gives direction to your innovation for the coming years.
  • A larger internal support system, because we include your team and organisation directly in the development of the concept.
  • Our approach also works well online. Making it easy to create inspiring innovative solutions on an international scale.


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