BL*Bootcamp allows you to refine concepts quickly
with the help of your target group. Ideal for innovation
and communication projects or issues you want to
solve with a sprint approach.


In BL*Bootcamp, we explore and
optimise concepts through a number
of rounds of consumer research. The
concepts are instantly ready for
further development with R&D or
for quantitative validation.

BL*Bootcamp is a dynamic way of working. For two days, your team will immerse itself in the world of your target group. Your team observes and listens to the discussions of our investigators.

At the same time, we adjust the concepts together on the basis of consumer feedback. This ensures razor-sharp propositions.

Team-up. The collaboration between the team of the customer and the team at Beautiful Lives is the starting point. From kick-off to interim refinements and finalised concepts, we work together closely to develop consumer-centric concepts.

Pressure cooker. In two to three rounds with two focus groups each, we examine the concepts. Together, we make choices and refine the concepts further. At the end of the BL*Bootcamp, your finalised and validated concepts are ready for use.

With a BL*Bootcamp you can expect:

  • Finalised concepts in just two days, based on solid consumer research.
  • Valuable insight into your target group through close involvement and collaboration with the group.
  • Ownership and support. Because the entire team was involved in the process, everyone knows exactly why certain considerations were made. You can build on that when further developing the concept.
  • Energy in the team, thanks to the speedy collaboration towards practical solutions.

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