BL*Start-up game

With BL*Start-up game, you and your team tackle
a strategic issue in an inspiring way. In search of
the best business opportunities.

BL*Start-up game

You can use the BL*Start-up game for the most diverse strategic issues. From distribution to brand strategy and from portfolio strategy to the development of new business models.

During several rounds of play, different teams build a new business from scratch. The game is inspired by the How Brands Grow perspective and is based on four pillars:

  • Success is a given. We begin from a position of success, ‘five years later’. The starting point: your team has launched a start-up that has proved very successful in a difficult market.
  • Entrepreneurship without limits. To become so successful, your team had access to unlimited resources. Not only in terms of money and people, but in other areas too, such as guts and positivity.
  • Teamwork under pressure. In a series of three to five exercises, players are challenged to share their success story! From describing what the market looked like when they started five years ago to sharing the disruptive strategy that made their start-up so successful. Moderators from Beautiful Lives introduce each new challenge with a short, inspiring story or video.
  • Fun exercises with business sense. We let the team perform creative tasks (invent a company name, design a logo). They also get to work on business challenges, such as developing a disruptive strategy. But having fun is just as important.

Depending on your strategic issue, we sometimes dwell a little longer on a particular aspect of your business model.

The Start-up game approach is guaranteed to deliver workable perspectives on your strategic issue and current business model. From the choices made by the ‘start-ups’, we derive the most useful building blocks and preconditions. This input can be put to use instantly on a new or refined strategy for the coming years.

At the same time, the game inspires. The participants are eager to get started with the new strategy straight away!

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