Via our intuitive, online community BL*Campfire,
we expose the drivers behind behaviour or specific
themes. After all, profound conversations are held
around the campfire for a reason!


In BL*Campfire, we engage in in-depth conversations with 25-35 participants over two to three weeks. Via a number of creative, ethnographic assignments, we gain valuable insight into the experiences of the target group.

BL*Campfire offers a solution to the following issues:

  • Exploring and understanding your target group and interpreting their behaviour and considerations.
  • Researching specific themes, such as parenthood or sustainability.
  • Scouting new opportunities for growth and positioning.
  • Testing and optimising new product and service solutions.
  • A BL*Campfire involves 25-35 participants per market/target group for two to three weeks. This allows enough time to complete assignments and/or visualise behaviour.
  • Participants work on three to six creative, ethnographic assignments. Through photos, videos, collages, explanations and notes, they share their behaviour, experiences and expectations.
  • During the process, they are supported by experienced moderators who probe deeper into the completed assignments.
  • As client, you will be given the opportunity to observe what happens.


With a BL*Campfire you can expect:

  • In-depth knowledge of a specific target group.
  • Lots of visual output (photos, collages, videos) that bring to life the experience and context of consumers.
  • Evaluation of new ideas through projective techniques.
  • A valuable starting point for innovation and positioning.
  • Great stories, of course, because the best stories are heard around the campfire.

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