Customer Journey

We carefully map every (sub-)step of the Customer Journey. This provides in-depth insight into touchpoints, moments of truth, interactions, weak spots and the drivers behind behaviour during the journey. But also in the complex relationship between all these aspects. That is the key to developing targeted solutions that genuinely meet clients’ needs.

Customer Journey

In our Customer Journey projects, we don’t just stop at mapping out steps. We go much further than that. First, we explore the context. What does your domain or category actually mean to people’s lives? Working from this starting point creates new opportunities to optimise and innovate your Customer Journey even further.


Zoom out. We delve into the underlying needs and the larger playing field of a Customer Journey. This delivers a world of added value.

Journey Mapping. By mapping the Customer Journey from start to finish, we can identify the areas where real value can be added.

Moments of Truth. Together, we look for those crucial moments when customers come into direct contact with your brand, product or service, and decide whether or not to do business with you. What works and what can be improved?

Before and after phase. In Customer Journey research, it is tempting to focus immediately on the high point: the ‘during’ phase, but a wealth of insights can be uncovered in the before and after phases of the Customer Journey.

Building the customer relationship

If you want to be meaningful in people’s lives, you have to show that you understand them. This is an essential starting point for our Customer Journey projects. By listening, you help build the relationship with your target audience.

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