Qualitative research

Understanding human behaviour is at the core of our DNA.
Whether it’s the choices people make or the paradox between
‘saying and doing’. Ever since Beautiful Lives was founded
in 2005, we have been translating insights from ethnographic
research into innovative yet practical solutions for our clients.

Qualitative research

Our motto was created for a reason: ‘If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business’. We stand for solid insights based on qualitative research. And use both digital and traditional research methods in the process. The following values are at the core of our collaborations with our clients:


Team up. We enjoy working together and building on the knowledge of our customers. Our projects always include a number of work sessions, such as a kick-off and an analysis session. We believe that the best results can only be achieved when every piece of knowledge is brought together.

Zoom out. We zoom out before we zoom in. We always consider the wider context of the issue. We do this from both the user’s and the client’s point of view.

Multiple perspectives. We look at every issue from different angles. We use motivational, neuro and behavioural-economic perspectives during our analysis. This is how we avoid tunnel vision and get to the bottom of things.

Impact. Every agency wants to deliver results that make an impact. We achieve this not only with practical recommendations, but also with our highly visual reports, one-pagers for concepts, illustrated Customer Journeys and videos.

The power of qualitative research

In qualitative research, the measure of valuable insights is not the number of respondents, but what we call the ‘saturation point’ of a study. How many people do you need to speak to before you ‘no longer hear anything new’?

It has been proven that, with careful selection, with ten respondents you will already obtain between 80 and 95% of your findings. By then, you will have captured most of the pluses and minuses of the concepts, communication routes and prototypes under evaluation.

Qualitative research also gives you direct insight into the ‘why‘ of those pluses and minuses. This allows you to instantly identify possible avenues for a solution!

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