BL*Semiotics provides insight into emerging
cultural codes, trends and developments that
influence the perspective of your target group
and can guide strategic innovation.


What are the visual and textual codes
of your category and neighbouring
categories that influence future
developments? And which of these
codes offer opportunities for your
brands and innovations?

In BL*Semiotics we use AI tooling to delve deeper into your target group and make sense of their world.

What topics engage your audience? And what codes do they use in their communication about your product category or service? How can you crack those codes? To further expand your product category, for instance?

We often combine the insights from our BL*Semiotics studies with qualitative research, in which we engage with the target group. This allows the findings from the semiotics research to become embedded even deeper into your innovation strategy.

In three steps we crack the code of your target group:

Step 1. Together, we determine which categories are worthy of exploring to gain a deeper understanding of the emerging codes for your market. This includes not only your own product category, but other categories with similar dynamics. We can consider sweets and ice cream, for example, when it comes to baking. Or sportswear and underwear for deodorant.

Step 2. With the help of AI tools, we systematically map the current and emerging cultural codes, developing online and on socials, via influencers. What (new) words, images, symbols and other codes are being used to communicate about your category? Or on such topics as sustainability, convenience and health?

Step 3. By systematically analysing existing and new codes, we expose new areas of opportunity for innovation and brand development.

By cracking the cultural codes of your target group, you can work in a much more targeted way on meaningful customer-centric innovations! And if you also manage to break those codes, you can tempt your target group to view your product in a completely different way. This is how semiotics can give new meaning to your brand or category.


Case study – Superwoman

For an innovation project, a client wanted to know more about the image of motherhood in the near future. We analysed how ‘being a woman’ takes on meaning in current pop culture, fashion and product categories that specifically target women. What are the codes, textual and visual language that guide this?

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