We stand for insights-based innovations.


Beautiful Lives stands for insights-based innovation. We explore, develop and evaluate the growth strategies of tomorrow. We work closely with well-known brands and organisations. We translate behavioural, motivational, and contextual human insights into innovation and strategy.

From a challenge for the consumer
To an opportunity for your organisation.

We transform in-depth consumer insights into product and service concepts that add real value for consumers.


We work on projects in the Netherlands, in all major European markets, such as the UK, Germany and Belgium, but also in countries further afield, including the US, Canada, Brazil, India and China.


We operate from our office at the Social Impact Factory in the heart of Utrecht. All our projects have social impact in their DNA. And as a member of SIF, we are part of a network of organisations that are all working in their own way on innovative solutions to social challenges. Challenges that fit the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) intent on making the world a greener and fairer place.

The following values are always at the core of our collaborations with our clients:


  • Team up. We enjoy working together and building on the knowledge of our customers. Our projects always include a number of work sessions, such as a kick-off and an analysis session. We believe that the best results can only be achieved when every piece of knowledge is brought together.
  • Zoom out. We zoom out before we zoom in. We always consider the wider context of the issue. We do this from both the user’s and the client’s point of view.
  • Multiple perspectives. We look at every issue from different angles. We use motivational, neuro and behavioural-economic perspectives during our analysis. This is how we avoid tunnel vision and get to the bottom of things.
  • Impact. Every agency wants to deliver results that make an impact. We achieve this not only with practical recommendations, but also with our highly visual reports, one-pagers for concepts, illustrated Customer Journeys and videos.