From our home base in Utrecht, we lead projects all over the world. We perform research in all major European markets, but also elsewhere, in China, America and India, for example.


We have an extensive network of senior insight & innovation experts. With respect for local dynamics, they look for opportunities that transcend markets. What binds us people is often – though not always – greater than what makes us different.

Almost half of our insights projects are international. We conduct consumer and B2B research in two, three or sometimes as many as seven markets simultaneously.

In key European markets, such as the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, but we can just as easily arrange your research further afield, in China, America, Australia, India, Brazil or Indonesia, for example.

We work together with experienced qualitative researchers from our network. Together with these researchers, we delve into local dynamics. We seek out the similarities and the differences between the various markets.

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