Insights for sharing

Sometimes we explore a topic on our own initiative. Because
we find the topic interesting, or because we think it is important
that more insights about it become available. You can
dowload the results of these studies for free on this page.
We call this Insights for sharing.

Insights for sharing

The plastic paradox

In the study The Plastic Paradox we examine our paradoxical relationship with plastic. We show how organizations that are in transition to a ‘plastic-free’ society can communicate this to with their customers.

We also made a great podcast about the Plastic Paradox. Listen to it right away (24 min/Dutch).

The resilient Consumer

We explored the importance of resilience in various aspects of life with The Resilient Consumer. From health to finances. In the report, we also give some inspiring examples of how organizations can contribute to their customers’ resilience. 

Corona, the war in Ukraine, inflation – how are consumers coping? In our podcast (19 min/Dutch) we talk about consumer resilience in uncertain times and the five drivers for greater resilience. How can companies respond to this?

Food Talk

What’s for dinner? You can read about the 12 most important developments in consumer behavior and needs in home food cooking in our FoodTalk research report.

Or listen to our podcast on home cooking (approx. 20 min/Dutch).

6 Key trends in Customer Journeys

Based on the many Customer Journey projects we supervise and improve every year, we have identified six key trends. These trends will undoubtedly make a difference in every Customer Journey in the years to come. Read all about the 6 Key Trends >>


These studies are from a little while back, but the topics are as relevant and the insights as interesting as ever.

The Future of Mobility
How do consumers view ‘mobility’? Together with a few experts, we developed four future scenarios we explored with consumers. Creating the optimal flow, that’s what mobility should be all about! Our report (Dutch) >>

Generaton Swipe
A journey of exploration into the mindset and lifestyle of young people. They are more serious, purposeful and aware than ever. As an organization, how do you capitalize on this? Our report (Dutch) >>

Profound insight into the mindset and lifestyle of elderly people (50-86+ plussers)! The combination of having less time ahead of them and more time and financial space, makes YOLO fit this group even better than Generation Swipe. That offers opportunities! Our report (Dutch) >> 

A report from some time back, but the underlying dynamics remain interesting. What does aging mean to different generations? Our report (Dutch) >>