Our study 'The Young Investor'

In an article on Daily Data Bytes, Maurice Palmen tells all about “The Young Investor,” the special study about millenial investors that Beautiful Lives set up and conducted with Euronext and ABN AMRO.

Our study ‘The Young Investor’ on Daily Data Bytes

Beautiful Lives does a lot of research in the financial industry, also on investing. But we never before specifically conducted research among young investors. We had however already experienced that you learn more about millenials if you give this target group the space to work creatively, with assignments that make them think. We went into great depth with the young investors via an online community on our platform BL*Campfire.

The intensive research process yielded some great insights. Millennials deal with investing very differently from previous generations. They get their information from other sources and invest in other assets via other platforms. At the same time, they do need a grip on their investments.

Want to know more?

Read all about the collaboration, the innovative research design and the insights in the article ‘Jonge belegger op zoek naar meer grip’ on Daily Data Bytes. The article is in Dutch.