Commercial vehicle opportunities

Challenge. Market leader LeasePlan wanted to gain ground in
the light commercial vehicle market.

Approach. A Customer Journey analysis. We held individual
interviews with decision-makers and influencers within companies
using light commercial vehicles.


LeasePlan wanted to gain a better foothold in the light commercial vehicle market. Through individual interviews, we mapped out the entire Customer Journey for both buying and leasing.


The market for vans and other light commercial vehicles is growing, but companies tend to acquire the vehicles themselves.

As a leading player in the transport field, LeasePlan wanted to gain ground within the market and highlight the advantages of leasing.


We conducted individual online interviews with responsible parties (vehicle, HR or facility managers) and influencers (owners/directors) within organisations using light commercial vehicles, during which we:

  • Zoomed out on the role of vans in operations and for users
  • Zoomed in on the Customer Journeys for both buying and leasing light vehicles
  • Evaluated the new proposition


What insights did the research yield?

We discovered that the Customer Journey of commercial vehicles looks very different to that of private vehicles in which LeasePlan is a major player. This clearly has consequences for the vehicle range, communication and processes within LeasePlan.

The target group had very specific wishes when it came to leasing light commercial vehicles, such as:

  • More flexibility in the lease contract (number of kilometres and contract duration).
  • Retaining control over maintenance and repairs.
  • Solutions for making the fleet more sustainable.

Partly on the basis of our research, LeasePlan sharpened its business proposition.


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