A cross-channel vision for dairy

Challenge. FrieslandCampina wanted to develop a new
cross-channel vision for dairy.

Approach. Through an extensive BL*Campfire community, we
captured the daily lives of participants. Their dilemmas, positive
and negative flows, and the role of food and drink therein.


FrieslandCampina wanted to develop a new cross-channel vision for dairy. They asked us to conduct in-depth research into the way today’s consumers live and eat.


A few years ago, FrieslandCampina’s Angelique de Reuver set up a research programme to find out how FrieslandCampina could best tap into the shifting living and eating patterns of consumers. The ultimate goal: to develop a cross-channel vision for dairy.

Angelique:I had already performed a lot of research. Packaging research, communication research, research into dairy consumption at different times. Now was the time for a deep dive into the living and eating habits of consumers.”


The research project consisted of three phases:

  • Scoping and curation. An extensive work session in which knowledge and hypotheses were shared as a basis for the project.
  • BL*Campfire. An extensive online community. 50 participants were engaged in 6 creative assignments over 2 weeks, sharing their lives through image, film and text.
  • Framing session. Together with the FrieslandCampina team, we defined areas of opportunity for each of FrieslandCampina’s brands.


What insights did the research yield?

This project provided important insights into relevant transitions across eating and living patterns. For example, one significant finding involved the transition from solid to fluid. Whether eating or working, many once fixed patterns have now become fluid. There is even talk of a ‘fluid society’.

With the use of opportunity platforms, we then translated the transitions into category essences, for example, ‘from breakfast to morning food’.

Angelique:We first wove the results into a catchy narrative with the help of a storyteller. Then we presented the new cross-channel vision ‘Dairy in the 24/7 world’ to the organisation in one ‘big boom’.”

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