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Euronext & ABN AMRO

What drives the millenial investor?


Trusted financial parties want to stay connected to the new generation of millenial investors.

Our approach

Through online community BL*Campfire, in-depth interviews and expert talks, we tried to find out what drives young investors.

More and more millennials are investing. They invest in new assets and through new product channels. Together with Euronext and ABN AMRO, Beautiful Lives delved into the world of young investors in search of what drives them.

The issue

More and more Dutch millenials are investing. Much more than previous generations, they invest in new assets – such as crypto and ETFs – and through other product channels, such as online brokers BUX and DEGIRO. The trusted financial parties want to stay connected to this young group of investors to be able to support them as best they can in building equity responsibly.

Last year, Euronext approached Beautiful Lives to learn more about the motivations of young investors. Because we thought that this research would also be interesting for large retail banks, we contacted ABN AMRO and linked the bank to Euronext. This was the start of a unique partnership between Euronext, ABN AMRO and Beautiful Lives.

Our approach

We know that you can learn more about the millenial user group if you give them the space to engage online with creative assignments that excite and make them think. We adapted the research approach accordingly.

We went into great depth with the young investors. In an online community via our platform BL*Campfire, we brought together 45 young investors. In six extensive assignments, young investors told us about their motivations, choices and challenges over a three-week period. Based on the input from the assignments, we conducted in-depth interviews with 15 of these young investors. We also held 10 expert interviews.

What insights did it give ABN AMRO and Euronext?

For ABN AMRO, the research forms the basis for a series of new propositions, such as looking at trial investing for this target group. It also gives the bank and Euronext the tools to better communicate with young investors.

More useful insights:

  • Millennials are looking for ways to grow their wealth. High inflation makes saving unattractive and many millenials can’t afford to buy a house now. Therefore, investing is increasingly becoming a serious option.
  • Young investors only take action when they set themselves a goal. A sabbatical, for example, or working less for a while when they have children.
  • Young investors do it very differently than older generations. They look less to big banks and the stock market, but invest via online platforms in cryptos and trackers. They get information about investing less from traditional media, relying much more on so-called finfluencers, bloggers on TikTok and other social media channels.
  • But young investors also need a grip on their investments. In an age of investment apps and “gamification,” it is more important than ever that investors know how and what they are investing in.
  • Trusted financial institutions can help young investors get started with good information and education. Or take trial investing. That gives young investors the opportunity to experience what it’s like to start investing.

Euronext and ABN AMRO about the research

Euronext and ABN AMRO are keen to join forces within the financial sector and further share insights to better serve the young investor. A great start to this was the interactive round table at the Damrak, where Beautiful Lives shared the insights with all parties involved. Prior to the session, Beautiful Lives opened the trading day on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

In the video, Euronext and ABN AMRO tell more about the research, the collaboration and what they plan to do with the results.

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