What is driving the millenial investor?

Challenge.  ABN AMRO and Euronext questioned how to stay
connected as a trusted financial party to the new generation
of millennial investors.

Approach.  A multidisciplinary approach – with our online
community BL*Campfire, individual in-depth interviews,
expert talks and work sessions with clients – yielded six areas of
opportunity with concrete solutions.

Euronext & ABN AMRO

More and more millennials are investing. Together with Euronext and ABN AMRO, we delved into the world of young investors in search of what drives them.


More and more Dutch millennials are investing. They are investing in new assets, such as cryptos and ETFs, much more often than previous generations, and are using new product channels, such as online brokers BUX and DEGIRO.

Euronext and ABN AMRO wanted to know how to keep in touch with this young group of investors, and how best to support these millennial investors in building equity responsibly.


Our research approach consisted of four phases:

  • Expert talks. In in-depth interviews with 10 experts from the world of finance, investment and youth, we gathered information. Using that knowledge, we developed hypotheses together with ABN AMRO and Euronext as input for the next step.
  • BL*Campfire. Via our online community BL*Campfire, we brought together 45 young investors. Through six comprehensive assignments completed over three weeks, the young investors shared their motivations, choices and challenges.
  • In-depth interviews. We delved deeper via online in-depth interviews with 15 of the respondents.
  • Frame workshop. In a work session with Euronext and ABN AMRO, we developed six areas of opportunity. Euronext and ABN AMRO then set to work during three sessions to develop concrete solutions in the chosen opportunity areas.

What insights did the research yield?

For ABN AMRO, the research formed the basis for a series of new propositions, such as trial investing. It also gave the bank and Euronext valuable tools to communicate with young investors in new ways.

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