Working at Beautiful Lives according to Rubina and Ellen

When Rubina Oliana was looking for a job in 2019, she didn’t consider a market research agency. “That seemed a bit dusty to me,” she says laughing. But when she was introduced to Beautiful Lives, her view quickly tilted. Ellen Boon also accidentally came across a vacancy at Beautiful Lives. She was immediately enthusiastic.

Working at Beautiful Lives according to Rubina and Ellen

Ellen says she wasn’t looking for a new job because she had just started at her previous job. “I was a junior researcher, but it lacked creativity and the space to be innovative. When I saw the vacancy of Beautiful Lives, I immediately thought: this is it!” She decided to make the switch and has enjoyed working there for a year and a half now.

Both Ellen and Rubina studied in the direction of innovation. Ellen: “After the Bachelor studies Trend Research & Concept Creation, I did the Master Sociology. I think it’s great to combine this in projects about social innovation.” Rubina conducted research into the circular economy in her Master Innovation Management: “I now also really enjoy doing projects in the field of sustainability. But actually all the research questions are very interesting!”

Making a concrete impact

“I really started to see research differently. It is an important part of the innovation process,” says Rubina. “You have to empathize with the perception of others and innovate from there. You also learn a lot about yourself from that.”

Most Beautiful Lives projects are aimed at the end user, which means that the result is very concrete. A good example are the projects for the NS. Ellen: “We make a lot of impact with this, because our research results are immediately implemented at the stations. That is fantastic to see.”

A great learning school

The variety in projects and the diverse skills you need for this make the work challenging and varied. From interviewing focus groups to facilitating workshops, no day is the same. Ellen: “You get the opportunity to develop very broadly. It’s a great school. I am far from done.”

Rubina agrees. She adds: “You get a voice in the company from day one. You can always contribute ideas to improve internal processes, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. If you are enterprising and innovation is your thing, Beautiful Lives is the ideal place.” But it doesn’t stop there. Rubina laughs: “You learn about things you would never know otherwise. I now know everything about different cow breeds, because I accompanied dairy farmers for a study for FrieslandCampina. I really never expected that!”


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