KLM and BL in top-10 'Best of MIE'

On Tuesday, May 9, Hans Zijlstra of KLM and colleague Maurice Palmen gave the lecture “KLM is taking the train more often” at MIE’23. The audience rated the session with a nice 8.3, good for a top-10 listing in the ranking best rated lectures at the MIE.

KLM and Beautiful Lives in top-10 ‘Best of MIE’

KLM is increasingly betting on the international train as a sustainable alternative for short flights connecting to longer, intercontinental flights. In a pilot in late 2022, KLM learned a lot about the experiences of travelers who made such a transfer to or from Brussels thanks to Beautiful Lives’ innovative 360⁰ research. We mapped the entire customer journey in the moment for KLM, through Whatsapp Only, observations and in-depth interviews.

In their lecture at MIE’23, Hans and Maurice shared the surprising insights from the research. Hans: “Beautiful Lives’ extensive and innovative customer research has helped us well in finding out where, for the traveler, the bottlenecks are currently on such a journey, and what we need to improve.”

Missed our lecture?

Did you miss our lecture at the MIE? And do you want to know how you map your customer journey ‘in the moment’? Take a look at our KLM case.

On May 9 and 10, the 21st edition of the MIE took place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. With 70 lectures, workshops and master classes covering the latest trends and developments in insights, marketing and data.