Session ‘Het station van de toekomst’ at MIE’22

The twentieth edition of the Marketing Insights Event (MIE) will take place on 20 and 21 September 2022. There are various lectures, workshops and masterclasses about the latest trends and developments in the field of insights, marketing, branding and more. We’ll be there too!

Session ‘Het station van de toekomst’ at MIE’22

Colleague Rubina Oliana will give a lecture on 21 September, together with Mirjam Hooghuis (NS) about our joint project ‘The Station of the Future’.

What are you going to tell about?

Rubina: “We show how we have tackled the project ‘The station of the future’ together with travelers. It has become a great co-creation in which commuters, students, recreational travelers and local residents have actively contributed ideas about the future of the station. Several needs emerged from the survey. From there, a number of opportunities have been developed that NS is working on.”

Can share a bit about the outcomes?

Rubina: “The emphasis was previously mainly on efficiency. The station of the future is more than a place where trains arrive and depart. It is also a destination in itself: a meeting place, inspiring environment, oasis of peace, workplace, you name it. Without it getting in the way of efficiency, of course. Mirjam will tell how the investigation ended up at the NS and what steps the NS wants to take!”


About Rubina Oliana
Rubina converts Human Insights into innovation with a positive impact for companies and end users. In 2021 she was elected Young Talent of the year by the MOA.

About Mirjam Hooghuis
Mirjam is originally a consumer psychologist and that is where her drive lies: understanding the needs of travelers. She brings the customer perspective into the organization and helps to find the right balance between turnover and customer satisfaction.