Rubina talks at EY Wealth & Asset Management seminar

On Tuesday, April 18, colleague Rubina Oliana will take the stage at the EY Wealth & Asset Management seminar to talk about the experiences of the Young Investor.

Rubina Oliana at EY Wealth & Asset Management seminar

For Euronext and ABN AMRO, Beautiful Lives delved into the experiences of young investors with an extensive BL*Campfire.

In a three-week online community, young investors shared their motivations, choices and challenges within the world of investing.

A few insights from our research we will share at the seminar:

  • With the current inflation, low savings rates and the housing crisis, young people are diligently looking for new ways to build wealth. Investing is one answer to that.
  • But we also learned that the first steps towards investing can raise uncertainty, creating barriers to actually getting started.
  • There are many opportunities for the financial sector in this field. For example, by paying more attention to education and support during onboarding, the industry can make investing more accessible and help the next generation build wealth.

A great deepening of our previous research for DUFAS, in which we learned what stops people from investing. This way we get the whole picture more and more complete!