Smoothly through Schiphol at MIE'24

On 13 and 14 March, the 22nd edition of the Data & Insights Event MIE will take place. With no less than 80 lectures, workshops and master classes covering the latest trends and developments in insights, marketing and data.

Beautiful Lives with Schiphol at MIE’24

We are once again hosting a session at this year’s MIE. Together with Jim van Velzen of Schiphol, colleagues Gaby Siera and Ellen Boon will give the lecture ‘Smoothly through Schiphol’ on Thursday afternoon 14 March.

More about the lecture ‘Smoothly through Schiphol’

With 60 million passengers annually, the processes at Schiphol are complex. How do you best align them with the needs of all those passengers arriving, departing or transferring? Traveling with them, in other words. Straight through Schiphol! Via WA surveys, observations and interviews, we provided insight into the entire Customer Journey and customer experience. This gave Schiphol the tools to continue building a valuable traveller experience in line with their PX strategy.

What are the key learnings and how is Schiphol acting on them? Schiphol and Beautiful Lives share their journey at MIE’24. (The lecture is in Dutch)

In an interview on Daily Data Bytes we already tell je some more about the session!

About the speakers

Jim van Velzen
Jim held various positions in commerce and strategic, product and online marketing at Schiphol Airport. He knows how to translate customer and market insights within the complex Schiphol organisation like no other.

Ellen Boon
As Senior Insight & Innovation Expert at Beautiful Lives, Ellen uses Customer Journeys as a starting point for innovation. She translates insights into innovative perspectives that are both practical and strategic.

Gaby Siera
Gaby founded Beautiful Lives from her background in marketing and anthropology. She works for leading clients to develop human-centric product and service concepts.

Don’t miss it!

Our lecture is programmed on Thursday 14 March at 3 pm in the Bilendi Room (round 5).

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