Sparring together about Qual and AI

On 20 June, we took a deeper look at Qual and AI with our clients. At the Next Level Qual event, we showed how we believe AI can strengthen Qual.

Sparring together about Qual and AI

We also showed what AI and other digital tools we are already working with at Beautiful Lives.

It was very valuable to spar with our customers about the value AI can add to Qual research. And… where, according to them, the researcher actually makes the difference.

After all, the power of Qual also lies precisely in things AI is not (yet) good at, such as complex issues, difficult target groups, out-of-the box thinking and noticing that one edgy comment from a respondent that suddenly puts everything in perspective.

After the session, it was nice chatting during a boat trip through Utrecht’s canals!

In the near future, we will dive even deeper into Qual and AI.