Introducing our new colleague Sal

Since 1 October, Sal Menkveld has joined our team as our new Insights & Innovation expert. Sal is a creative team player with a commercial background. He studied Innovation Management at TU Eindhoven, where he specialised in business and product development.

Introducing our new colleague Sal Menkveld

During his internships at KPN and PA Consulting, he gained a lot of experience in open innovation and digital transformation. Sal will focus on designing, facilitating and elaborating human-based design projects.

After living abroad for some time, Sal recently settled down in Amsterdam. Sal: “After a wonderful time as a kitesurfing instructor on Bonaire and in South Africa, I am excited to start working at Beautiful Lives. I look forward to further deepening my knowledge of user behaviour and needs, and supporting clients in developing beautiful, innovative products, services and strategies.