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Train your team

Train your team

Learn how to generate insights and develop opportunities
We have designed a modular in-company training program, that will help your teams to explore, experiment and develop growth opportunities. During each of the training modules you will practice the skills, experience and behaviours that are needed for insight-led business development.

H2 Master design thinking

Practice how to use human based insights to improve the innovation process. Learn how contextual user understanding, early stage validation and rapid prototyping can accelerate consumer centered innovation. Develop and embrace the ‘fail fast, learn fast’ mindset

H2 Connect with consumers

Develop your interview skills to engage in natural consumer conversations. Connect with consumers and spend time interviewing them. Learn how to ask the right questions, both online (community moderation) and offline (single interviews and focus groups).

H2 Distill granular insights

Learn and apply a range of analysis techniques that provide insightful direction. Understand the complex relationship between needs and behaviour. Learn how to apply your insights and empathy when solving a business issue. Know how to use them in daily work.

H2 run great creative workshops

Learn how to organize and structure creative collaboration. Understand how to inspire people, encourage creativity, reach swift consensus and generate better ideas. Work from opportunity platforms, as a springboard for idea creation. Use creative exercises and facilitation techniques to get the best of the team.

H2 develop winning propositions

Learn what it takes to develop differentiating propositions. Prioritise propositions, using the NOW, HOW, WOW matrix. Improve concept writing skills, using consumer language. Experience the strength of 3d prototyping

H2 organize yourself around insights

Learn what it takes to put insights at the heart of your organisation. Understand which skills are required in your team and how you can achieve this. Learn ways to develop a toolbox of insight techniques and tools. Convince management that insights are the key to doing business today

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