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Grow my brand

Grow my brand

Deliver a consistent brand experience, across channels and touchpoints
A consistent brand experience, across channels and touchpoints, is key to winning today’s customers.  First, we help you understand what makes your brand famous and distinctive. Then, we build the link between your brand and the reasons and occasions for category purchase.


  • At the start of the project, we use existing insights and knowledge and build hypotheses on the purchase context and the role of brand
  • We combine online (communities, WhatsApp) and offline (in-depth, shop-a-long, intercept) qualitative research methods, that help us understand the role of your brand in the total customer experience. We use a range of techniques, including creative assignments, lifelogging and first hand observations
  • We bring our learnings together in a comprehensive and highly visual way, which is the starting point for a ‘Make it real’ workshop


  • A profound support for your team on how to best engage customers through a brand experience, including touch point optimisation and brand design/communications
  • A firm grasp of the strongest ‘category entry points’ (CEPs): the most important reasons or occasions when people consider to buy
  • Insight in your distinctive brand assets (non-brand name elements that people associate with your brand), for a more efficient marketing spend.

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