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Ethnographic perspective

Ethnographic perspective

Understand your target group, linking their motivations to context
We help you plot your target groups’ behaviour and its underlying drivers. In our set-up we observe consumers in the moment and we speak with them. This provides us insight into behavioural influences, excluding the effects of memory and psychological defence or group mechanisms.


  • We start spending time with people in their own context, both online and offline. We go their homes, visit their offices, shop along on their weekly grocery trip or observe them as they travel.
  • We use self-record ‘in the moment’ techniques, such as WhatsApp assignments, journey drawings and photo requests as a starting point for conversations with consumers
  • We listen to people’s broader stories to reveal the daily frictions and frustrations, beyond your own category. We  zoom out to the wider context  and help you identify relevant moments of interaction


  • Real immersion into the life of your target group: this empathy is a solid basis for innovation
  • A thorough understanding of consumer behaviour in context, using picture and video footage
  • The starting point for business action: a clear view of the strongest ‘category entry points’ (also called CEPs) or the hooks that seduce people to purchase in the category

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