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Who we are

If you don’t understand people,
you don’t understand business

Beautiful Lives is a creative insight and innovation agency. Our human-centred approach helps us to reveal profound insights on people’s needs, motivations and behaviour. Deeper understanding allows us to ignite valuable innovation for your company and brands.  Our work spans sectors (consumer, mobility, health care, financial services) and continents. We explore, experiment and develop growth opportunities, firmly based on human insights. Our approach helps leading brands and organisations to spot, create and accelerate tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • We unravel deeper insights, combining a motivational approach with an ethnographic angle. We learn about people’s motivations while considering their present environment and situational pressures.
  • We develop insights into innovation, solving issues that people experience in their complex daily lives.
  • We answer to their issues in a creative way, as we ideate and prototype possible solutions, and turn them into value propositions.


I am because you are

is what the African concept of Ubuntu states. It embraces the idea that humans cannot exist in isolation. Everything is context. We are defined by the way we are, as a person and also how we relate to others. We are formed by our past experiences as well as the ever-changing context we live in today.

We constantly adapt our behaviour to the complex context we live in, while trying to shape our personal identity. That’s why our behaviours sometimes seem contradictory and our answers inconsistent. At Beautiful Lives, we aim to understand and act on the ‘MultipleMe’  issue – our multifaceted behaviour to fit a situation and stay true to who we think we are.

With this principle as a starting point, we have created the Frame of Paradox,  our insight approach that reveals the biggest daily life  frictions that people experience (often unconsciously). They are our springboard to create the strongest solutions, together with our client.