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BL*Start-up Game

BL*Start-up Game

Sharpen your business strategy with a game in which anything is possible

With BL*Start-up game, teams work on strategic issues in an inspiring, playful way, in search of the best business opportunities.

We “begin with the end in mind”. Each team has already built a successful business and looks back on its own success journey. What strategy did you follow to get here? What choices have you made? In the process, nothing stood in the way of your success. You can make any choice you want and use any means you need. Anything is possible.

Our approach

The Start-up game approach is based on four principles:

  • Succes is a given. We start from a successful situation “five years later”. The starting point: your team has launched a start-up that has been very successful in a difficult market.
  • Entrepreneurship without limits. To become that successful, your team had access to unlimited resources. Not only in terms of money and people, but also in terms of guts and positive energy, for example.
  • Teamwork under pressure. In a series of three to five exercises, all teams are challenged to share their success story! From describing what the market looked like when they started five years ago to sharing the disruptive strategy that made their start-up that successful. The Beautiful Lives moderators introduce each new challenge with a short, inspiring story or a video.
  • Fun exercises without business sense. We give the teams creative tasks (make up a company name, create a logo) and work on business challenges, such as developing a disruptive strategy. But having fun is just as important.

At the beginning of the workshop we look back at ‘how it all started’. What did the market look like when you decided to set up the start-up? In several game rounds, the different teams build a new company from scratch. Inspired by the How Brands Grow perspective we let them think about:

  • The offer, mission and core values of their start-up.
  • The successful way they built out their mental and phyisical availability.

Depending on your strategic issue, we may dwell a bit longer on a particular part of your business model.

At the end of the workshop we return to the now. In the ‘back to now’ phase, the teams share their successful approach and the most important lessons learned. And of course, we discuss the impact this can have on your business.


The Start-up Game approach is guaranteed to deliver useful perspectives on your strategic issue and current business model. From the choices made by the ‘start-ups’ we distill the useful building blocks and preconditions. You can immediately use that input for a new or refined strategy for the coming years.

At the same time, the game inspires. The participants feel like getting started with the new strategy, they want to put it into practice!


You can use the BL*Start-up game for numerous strategic issues. From distribution to brand strategy and from portfolio strategy to the development of new business models.

Depending on the issue and the number of teams, a Start-up workshop takes one to two days.

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