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A roadmap for insights-based innovation

We help organizations to innovate their products and services. We use our own toolkit, based on Design Thinking principles. We start from the daily frictions of people, now and in the future. We then develop new solutions together with your team and improve the solutions together with consumers.

By experimenting with concepts and constantly adapting them, we develop future-proof innovations. The number of sprints in each innovation trajectory varies. This depends on the specific issue and the required speed.

Our approach


We always start by determining the scope. We focus on the question behind the question. In order to get the right focus, we involve the most important stakeholders.


With a combination of insight and foresight techniques, we expose human frictions. We mainly look to the future. What are important developments within and outside the category? What are the main themes and trends? During this step we use, among other things:

We translate our key findings into opportunity platforms. These are focused future directions, which form the starting point for idea generation.


During this phase we develop ideas for solutions. We organize these brainstorms on location or online with your team. We also do this with experts and creative consumers.

Finally, in the last step we work out the complete value propositions. We do this including visualization and minimum viable products. These propositions can be quickly validated with our BL*IdeaCheck tool. The outcome is a concrete product briefing for R&D or a design/communication briefing. The duration of a trajectory like this varies from 2-12 weeks.


  • A shared – insights-based – roadmap, which will give direction to innovation for the coming years.
  • Collaboration with the team, where speed and inspiration are important elements.

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