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Innovation sprint

Innovation sprint

Focussed and fast approach to address your specific innovation challenge
Are you seeking tangible business solutions within a very short time frame? We have developed innovation sprints, our fast track set-up to address a specific innovation challenge in a matter of days or even hours. We use  the collective brainpower of your team to focus on a specific part of the innovation challenge.


  • The exact set-up and duration of each sprint depends on the business question. The length can range from 1.5 days to a full week.
  • Every sprint starts with scoping: what is the desired outcome and how are we going to get there?
  • At the discover step we bring our(existing and new)  consumer understanding to the table
  • We frame the strategic opportunity platforms and ideate potential solutions
  • We build the most promising solutions into value propositions and prototypes


  • The Pressure cooker approach helps to speed up the innovation process
  • Immediate team alignment, as your multidisciplinary team of experts works together

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