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Innovation accelerator

Innovation accelerator

Be connected and manage your project as a lean innovation start-up
Being deeply connected to consumers leads to better solutions. Our innovation accelerator speeds up your process, with  each cycle run like a lean start-up. We develop a tailor made program, train your teams, set up connects with consumers and guide and lead every accelerator cycle from scope to solution.


  • We set up the tailored in-company program as we assess the teams’ exact needs
  • Every cycle starts with a half day accelerator session, in which we frame the exact consumer challenge and our hypotheses
  • Your teams will directly connect with consumers, with many interaction options ranging from home visits to expert interviews
  • We analyse our learnings and turn them into business solutions, during a joint analysis and impact session


  • High consumer connectivity, as you are directly in touch with your (potential) users
  • A fast forward way of learning and working, as interdisciplinary teams work together with a quicker turnaround
  • Powerful co-creation: we explore and try out new solutions directly with consumers

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