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The combined power of quant and qual

Successful products come from a good idea that has been tested and cleverly optimized. To assist companies in this process, we joined forces with Validators. We co-operate closely to offer our customers an innovative research solution: IdeaCheck.

With IdeaCheck we quantitative validate concepts or prototypes. After that, we enrich the data with a thorough qualitative analysis. It’s a unique way of getting insights in a quick and cost-efficient way. The insights help you optimise new propositions, positioning and communication concepts.

  1. Check
    The concept is validated using a quant set up, with a large target audience (N=100)
  2. Context
    With 20 – 30 participants of the check – phase we explore the context in which the concept will be used. Seen of heard and have a meaning.
  3. Reflect
    In online conversations with selected participants from the first 2 phases, we deep dive to unravel underlying motivations and perceptions.

An optimal concept within two weeks
We combine insights from a large sample with the individual insights from respondents with a specific profile. This combined approach provides you with a substantiated and validated recommendation. All within two weeks and at a competitive price. You can use the IdeaCheck to test various communication messages, propositions, concepts, commercials or online prototypes.

Do you have a concept that could be sharpened of improved? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of IdeaCheck for your brand or company.

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