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Qualitative insights with the speed and efficiency of quantitative research

Brands are now making every effort to create new campaigns and propositions that align with the new reality in terms of tone of voice and content. To help them with this, Validators and Beautiful Lives joined forces with an innovative research solution: IdeaCheck. With IdeaCheck you validate a concept or prototype in a quantitative way and enrich your data with an in-depth qualitative analysis. The take-outs are thorough and specific.

A model that uses the power of both quantitative and qualitative
Beautiful Lives and Validators have developed a proposition with three phases. If you pass these three phases, you will know exactly how to get the most out of your concept and where improvements can be made.

The concept is quantitatively validated and analysed within the context of its purpose.

Deployment of 12 intuitive and implicit tools from Validators in combination with the contextual expertise of Beautiful Lives.

Using online conversations, the experts at Beautiful Lives provide an in-depth understanding of the underlying motivations of consumers.

An optimal concept within two weeks
The combined approach provides customers with quick and substantiated advice at a competitive price within two weeks. In addition, we can select respondents from a quantitative sample with a specific profile, which you can later speak more extensively with, in the qualitative phase.

Fabian Bäumer, Senior Insight & Innovations Expert at Beautiful Lives “We see that clients are increasingly asking for both a validation of ideas and the why behind the data.  That’s why working with Validators is an important step for us in answering that question and taking a step into the future of market research

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