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BL*5W – model

BL*5W – model

How do we develop a good positioning for our new product or service? Customers regularly come to us with this question. To support them in this, we regularly use the 5W model. With this model we expose directions for a new concept in a structured way.


We start with an extensive inventory. In doing so, we map out which insights are already available around:

  • the category
    We focus on the W of What (product attributes) and the How to analyze how the category is discussed with consumers. This gives us insight into the so-called category codes and the way in which benefits are communicated.
  • the context
    Dan kijken we naar de context waarbinnen het concept betekenis krijgt. Dat doen we door in te zoomen op de W van Where (locaties) en de W van When (momenten). Zo achterhalen we wanneer en waar het concept relevant kan zijn.
  • the needs and motivation to use the concept
    Tenslotten kijken we naar de W van Who (identificeren van gebruikersgroepen) en de W van Why (onderliggende motivaties en behoeften) om inzicht te krijgen in de motivaties om het concept te gaan gebruiken.

By going through this process very systematically, it becomes clear where insights are still missing and where additional information is needed.

We look at the W’s and the one H from both a consumer and a shopper perspective. You provide insight into the primary drivers for consumers and shoppers by looking at the Who, Why, and When. Marketers often focus on the right side of the model: what, how, and where.

Developing concepts

After the analysis, we work in a creative session on concept directions based on the (combination of) these insights. In this way, we develop concept routes in a structured and creative way that arise from different angles. For example, a route from the combination of context and codes. Or from needs and context, which creates a needs states-driven concept direction. Or we develop a concept route based on the disruption of codes.

Discuss with respondents
The promising concepts are sketched out. Each concept is given a name and packaging design. These are then tested against the target group. The best concept(s) can be further refined based on the feedback. This approach helps our customers to achieve the best possible positioning for their new product or service.

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