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Understanding consumers, in their own context

Would you like to be a “fly on the wall”? To observe people’s behavior and listen to the stories they share? With BL*Campfire you can. Our customized online platform brings specific target groups to life and shows how they behave and why. BL*Campfire is the perfect tool for:

  • Mapping and getting to know your target audience.
  • Understanding, exploring and interpreting consumer behavior.
  • Exploring new opportunities for growth and positioning.
  • Testing and optimizing new product and service solutions.

We combine the power of ethnographic and online research. This allows us to gather in-depth insights and drive innovation.


  • Each BL*Campfire is completely customized in design, assignments and lead time. We make sure it fits seamlessly with the goals and scope of your project.
  • We spend an average of two to three weeks with ‘digital savy’ and specially recruited consumers.
  • These ‘insiders’ participate in online conversations on our platform. During the sessions, they create creative assignments or share photos and video content. They also brainstorm about future solutions.
  • An experienced expert moderates all conversations and assignments. During the sessions, we use projective techniques to discover underlying stories and motivations. We make sure the sessions are challenging and fun for participants.
  • Through our platform, we reach a large group of engaged people. They share their experiences and perspective on things from the comfort of their own homes, without barriers.


With our online platform we can map out your target group(s) in detail. We then translate these insights into concrete opportunities for your brand or category. BL*Campfire provides you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of and perspective on a specific target group.
  • Lots of visual output (photos, collages, videos) that brings to life the lifeworld and context of consumers.
  • Evaluation of new ideas through projective techniques.
  • A good starting point for innovation and positioning.

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