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In-depth online conversations, real-time in people’s own context

Would you like to be a ‘fly on the wall’, that can observe consumer conversations real-time, in people’s own context?  Let us introduce you to Campfire, our bespoke online conversation tool. We elicit answers, observe in the moment and interpret people’s responses, in their own context. Campfire is a perfect tool to…

  • understand your target group;
  • map customer journeys;
  • explore and develop new growth opportunities;
  • experiment and validate new product and service solutions.

We combine the best in-depth and exploratory qualitative methods to collect in-dept insights and steer innovation.


  • During several weeks, we engage a carefully selected group of digital-savvy consumers on our intuitive online platform. These ‘insiders’ join in natural online conversations, complete creative (picture and vlog) assignments and brainstorm inventive future solutions.
  • All of our conversations are moderated by experienced (online) qualitative researchers, who ask projective questions and probe on underlying stories. We make it an inspiring and fun experience for our participants.
  • These ‘insiders’ interact in in-depth online discussions and creative assignments such as ‘What if your brand was a house?’, ‘Write a love letter to your service provider’ or ‘Describe your social inner and outer circles’.
  • We tailor each Campfire in set-up, assignments and duration so that it exactly addresses the scope of your project
  • Through Campfire, we are able to speak to a large group of highly involved people. They communicate when convenient and in their own environment, which makes it all very real. We interact with them both on an individual level and as a group.

With our online platform, we can map out your target group(s) in detail. We then translate this into concrete opportunities for your brand or category. This is what a BL * Campfire brings you:

  • A consumer context that is brought to life through highly visual output, such as pictures and video footage.
  • Exploration and experimentation of new ideas, with creative and forward-thinking consumers.
  • Closeness to consumers, as you can follow the conversations real-time and co-create ideas with them.

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