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13 Jan 2021 -

A podcast series based on our research

Last year we have conducted extensive research into the barriers people experience in investing. Our client is the sector organization Dufas (Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association). Seven important barriers emerged from the in-depth investigation. A podcast series is made to present the most important insights, presented by Sander Heijne, the writer/journalist. In the first podcast, Rubina Oliana (Beautiful Lives) explains the 7 barriers and the perspective of the participants in the study (“the Dutchman”).

Almost 900,000 Dutch people do not accrue pension. The collective pension is under pressure and is often insufficient. The low-interest-rate means that investing is often the only option for capital growth. Only 4% of the Dutch invest in investment funds, while this is much higher in our neighbouring countries. Last fall, we spent three weeks with 60 non-investors in our online conversation platform BL * Campfire. Based on more than 1100 posts, vlogs and exercises, we identified the seven most important barriers to investing. The first three thresholds that will be discussed are:

  1. “Investing does not suit me” – why investing does not suit many people’s world.
  2. “Investing does not help me reach my goal” – why we look so little forward when it comes to financial life planning.
  3. “Investing is not worth the risk” – why the risks are not always estimated realistically.

Based on the research, we formulated actions for the sector to remove the barriers. The podcast is in Dutch, if that’s not your language but you are interested? Please contact Maurice Palmen to learn more.

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