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18 Jan 2019 -

Towards optimizing patient-centered inclusion procedures in oncology

Developments within oncology depend firmly on clinical trials for new treatments. Involving patients in these trials is essential to be able to keep improving in this medical field.

A common problem in clinical research is a disappointing inclusion; it is hard to find a sufficient amount of patients, causing delay. Also, a too selected group is included to give the research the required statistical power for the entire patient population, which is obviously more diverse. Struggles during inclusion makes clinical research (even more) expensive and longer to complete, resulting in less useful outcomes and delay in benefitting the patients.


Furthermore, personalized healthcare becomes more and more important. This means, among other things, that treatments are developed on the basis of specific tumor characteristics. In turn, this leads to the need of setting up smaller and more complex trials, with less eligible patients to participate. Also, trials must meet stricter legal-ethical requirements.


The importance of effective patient inclusion in the increasingly complex, personalized trials  asks for innovative solutions with attention to time pressure for professionals, the health organization and moreover: the patients’ perspectives.


In the coming months, Beautiful Lives will make a deep dive into patients’ perspectives on phase III clinical trial participation and their experiences during their decision making journey as a basis for improving patient-centered inclusion procedures. For this purpose, we are looking for parties who are interested in participating and investing in this research. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact our BL healthcare experts Inge van Bruinessen, Nella van Gemert or Umit Kaynak!


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