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11 Aug 2020 -

Many of our FMCG and retail clients struggle with the question ‘How do we cope with plastic packaging, as part of our sustainability strategy?’ As the world becomes more plastic conscious, we see that plastic has become public enemy #1. Reduce, re-use, recycle seems to have become the new mantra for consumers. Truth is: plastic is not so easily replaceable and thus creates a difficult paradox in many brands CSR strategy.

In the past couple of months, Beautiful Lives dove into the perception of consumers around plastic, through a combination of focus groups in the Netherlands and online exploration with our tool BL*Discover.ai. We brought together some key learnings on communication and behaviour change around plastic usage. We shared our insights during our webinar in August, where we answered the following questions:

  • How do you explain why you use plastic?
  • How can you credibly demonstrate the steps you take, now and in the future, to reduce the use of plastics?
  • Which partnerships can you think of, across the value chain, to tackle the plastic challenge?
  • How can you help consumers to better (re-) use and separate packaging?
  • Inspirational brand examples of brands that help to realise desired behaviour changes

More information? 
We made a recording and handout of our webinar. If you would like to receive these, please contact Gaby Siera.

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