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13 Sep 2022 -

An insight into the station of the future at the MIE'22

During the MIE’22 on September 20 and 21, Mirjam Hooghuis (market researcher at the NS Stations) and our colleague Rubina Oliana will give a lecture about the ‘Station of the Future’ project. They explain how a concept has been developed for the station of the future together with travelers and local residents. Mirjam already shares more about it!

Why was there a need for this research at NS?

Mirjam: “Due to the lockdowns in 2020, everything suddenly stopped. There were no travelers, the shops were closed. The most important question came up: ‘what’s next for us?’ In order to gain insight into existing and new needs of station visitors in the field of shops and facilities, we decided to conduct research into this.”

What is so special about this project?

Mirjam: “It is really a co-creation with travelers and residents living near the station and is very extensive in design. The emphasis is on mapping the needs of station visitors and how they fit into a broader social context. The needs of consumers are changing, partly due to Covid. Think of the need for social connection, but also resilience.”

What are the main outcomes?

Mirjam: “The station has a much broader function than just arriving and departing. It is a lively place where you can meet, relax and work, all in a sustainable environment. I found the opposing needs to be striking, depending on the destination and mood: one moment the same person is looking for peace and quiet at the station and the next moment they are looking for more excitement. And.. visitors would like to see more plants at the station!”

Why shouldn’t you miss the talk?

Mirjam concludes with a laugh: “Gosh, that’s a good question. If you want to know how we actively involve station visitors in the design of the station, this lecture will give you a good insight into this. The results help us find a good balance between euros and smileys: turnover and customer satisfaction. And we also tell more about the social trends that play a major role in the field of consumer behavior and needs. Definitely worth it, if you ask me!”


About Rubina Oliana
Rubina converts Human Insights into innovation with a positive impact for companies and end users. In 2021 she was elected Young Talent of the year by the MOA.

Over Mirjam Hooghuis
Mirjam is originally a consumer psychologist and that is her drive: understanding the needs of travelers. She brings the customer perspective into the organization and helps to find the right balance between turnover and customer satisfaction.


Don’t miss it! The lecture is on September 21 at 12:10 in the Newcom room. You can order tickets here.



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