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29 Sep 2020 -

Nightmare Competitor: a dream start-up #justnow

Yesterday was October 1st, 2025. You celebrated the first lustrum of your own company. It was exactly 5 years ago that you quit your job and started your new, super successful start-up. One who turned the entire category upside down, who dared to think about the future. Who dared to make choices and who saw that there were opportunities to make a difference right then, in the middle of the Corona crisis of that time!

The game

Nightmare Competitor is a strategic game in which you create the biggest nightmare of your current brand or company. Lean start-ups can make all the choices they want. They are not tied to the structures or limitations of an existing company. And the start-ups not only compete with your current company but also with each other. Multidisciplinary teams battle in this game to end up as the best start-up.

A Nightmare Competitor game always starts from the status quo. Where were we when we started, in what context and what did we want to achieve? Then the competition starts. In several rounds, we build new companies from scratch. The start-ups organize their business models in such a way that they have extreme competitive advantages. And thus disrupt the market. We look at the functional design, but also at customer needs, trends and the dreams and beliefs from which the companies started. These determine the choices that are made

The approach

Various creative techniques are used to stimulate disruption and successful entrepreneurship. The environment and BL facilitators encourage the teams to stay active and creative. Each round is preceded by an inspiring intermezzo that sends participants into the creative phase with an open mind.

At the end of the game, we return to the present. The Nightmare Competitor game has then provided different perspectives on your current business model and the strategic issue. We distil the building blocks and preconditions from the choices the start-ups have made. This is valuable input for a new or refined strategy for the next 3-5 years. With these insights, you got a good deal of inspiration to do things completely different from tomorrow.


Competitor game takes between 1 and 2 days on location. Or we facilitate online through 3-5 creative games of 3 hours via Teams / Zoom and Mural. The game is used for strategic issues, such as:

  • Brand strategy
  • Product strategy and portfolio management
  • Distribution strategy
  • Sales and category management
  • Business model innovation

For more information on Nightmare Competitor games, please contact Gaby Siera.


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