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21 Apr 2020 -

The future of food is insect-based?

How can you convince food manufacturers that consumers will be open to food made of ingredients from insects in the future? With this question Protifarm, a Dutch agro-tech scale-up, approached Beautiful Lives. We helped them identify the five most important opportunities and developed a number of consumer propositions.

Protifarm breeds the Buffalo beetle and processes the larvae of this beetle into sustainable and functional ingredients for the worldwide food industry. More and more consumers are becoming aware and critical of their food. Due to the low footprint, insect-based food can offer a green and sustainable alternative. Ingredients from insects are rich in nutritional values, such as protein, vitamins and fibre.

Our approach
The insect-based development of food is something from the far future for a lot of people. We therefore have chosen an approach that was  2030 proof. Based on research and workshops we have developed five prospective areas for Protifarm: Active Protein Power, Convenient Conscious Consumption, Next Generation Dairy en Cultural Heritage.

Based on these categories we have developed consumer concepts in a co-creation session with Protifarm and tested these with consumers. After that, we have made a road map with the most promising ideas. Using the consumer feedback we have further sharpened the consumer story. The results of our work can be found in this inspiring video clip, that includes our opportunity boards and concepts. With these materials, the commercial team of Protifarm can pitch their products the best way by product developers, buyers and marketers of food-companies.

Tom Mohrmann (CEO Protifarm) and Maurice Palmen (BL) share more information on this project on May 12th at 4 pm during an exclusive webinar for the food industry. Would you like to join this webinar? Please send me an e-mail maurice.palmen@beautifullives.com

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