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02 Jun 2021 -

This is how you really get to know your target audience.

To explore new opportunities for positioning or innovation directions, you need to have a deep understanding of the behavior of your target audience. Our platform BL*Campfire is specially designed to understand consumers in their own context. It combines the power of ethnographic and online research. For each project, we apply five principles to generate the best outcomes from our unique platform.

Make it personal

A good, personal introduction is essential to understand the context of consumers. That is why we ask at the start of every Campfire that participants introduce themselves personally. This can be done on the basis of vlogs or other visual material. This allows us to get to know our respondents and better understand the context in which they give answers.

Photos for context

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is why they are an essential part of our platform. On the basis of photo diaries that people share, we are taken into their daily lives. For example, eating moments, sports activities or how you feel at home from our participants, and we really gain insight into the context in which people operate.

Projective assignments

Sometimes you have to ask a question creatively to get the most out of an answer. Projective assignments are very suitable for this. We give people assignments in which we ask them to, for example, build a brand house, make a collage or sketch a personification. This ensures that people start thinking about a brand, product or service in a different way. This makes emotion and perception much more visible.

No questionnaires

When people think of online research, they often think of questionnaires. Although this can be useful, this is not how we implement it. Our Campfire platform is specifically aimed at getting to the core via projective and associative assignments. We try to restructure typical ‘questionnaire questions’ or include them in a follow-up interview.

Make people think

Just asking people about the trends of the future is difficult. But if you put them in the shoes of a project developer, or wake up in the year 2030, you get very rich answers. The best communities are those where people have to really think about their own life, situation, and attitude. By sharing that stream of thoughts, they learn something about themselves. And we learn a lot from that.

What makes BL*Campfire unique?

The above principles illustrate our approach to online qualitative research. We apply this to every Campfire session we do. A Campfire session provides a lot of visual output (photos, collages, videos, etc.). This really brings the environment and context of consumers to life. Because only through really understanding and detailed mapping of a target group, the best innovation opportunities emerge.

Do you want to get to know your target audience in-depth? Please contact us for more information or a customized BL*Campfire!

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