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24 Sep 2020 -

More and more consumers are becoming more aware and critical of food. Where is it from? How is it made? What is its impact? At the same time, we all experience barriers to make the transition to more sustainable food. Someone who knows all about this is Tom Mohrmann, CEO of agri-tech Protifarm. This company grows insects and process these into sustainable and functional ingredients for the food industry. In our webinar on October 8, we share the opportunities for innovative food alternatives. And we show the roadmap 2030, in which the creation of social acceptance of new solutions is central.

Dutch Agri-tech Protifarm breeds the buffalo beetle and turns its larvae into functional and low footprint ingredients for the global food industry. However, insect-based foods nowadays feel a distant prospect for most consumers and manufacturers. Beautiful Lives developed a 2030 proof approach together with Protifarm, to make the step from the WHAT into the WHY. We developed various routes for the future, that help and gain acceptance. We explored these future directions during consumer sessions.

During the webinar Tom Mohrmann and Maurice Palmen will cover these topics:

  • What is the ambition of Protifarm, as a pioneering scale-up?
  • How does the footprint of insect-based compare versus plant-based/meat?
  • What are the 3 most important drivers for broader consumer acceptance?
  • What are the 5 main opportunity areas for the future, that are need-driven?
  • How do we turn these into compelling consumer propositions, across the key food categories?

This webinar will take place on Thursday the 8th of October, from 12.00 until 12.45. After the session, a hand-out will be shared. We’d love to share insights that we gain from our project, so please join us, Register now, if you wish to attend or receive the recording afterwards.

Want to know more?
Watch the movie we made with Protiform for their customers, to give more insights into insect-bases foods.

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