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02 Jun 2021 -

Eating less meat: the new normal

More than half of all Dutch people indicate that they don’t eat meat at least 3 days a week. A huge switch in the Dutch diet compared to a few years ago. Reason enough to delve further into this. Commissioned by Gold & Green, we took a closer look at the world of people who eat flexitarian food and their motivation.

External pressure

Vegetarian food is hip! We see it all around us; on TV, in lifestyle magazines, the Allerhande, cooking blogs, YouTube channels. On many menus vegetarian options are indispensable. In addition, no one could have missed the explosion in supply on the ‘meat substitute shelf’ in the supermarket. Partly due to this exposure and growing collective awareness, we see that people are being put under social pressure to at least try to eat less meat.

Animal welfare & environmentally conscious

The collective awareness that eating meat every day is not good stems mainly from concerns about animal welfare and the environment. Shocking documentaries, videos, or news items are often referred to as the initial starting point for a switch. In addition, it is often the children who influence the parents and convince them to make the switch to less meat.

It feels good

The fact that eating less meat is also good for you comes later. On the one hand, it is a logical consequence of care for animals and the environment. Because if you eat less meat, it contributes to reducing animal suffering & reducing the environmental impact and that feels good! On the other hand, a flexitarian diet is also a balanced diet and that is automatically a healthy diet because variety = healthy!

The big chance

If we then look at meat substitutes, we see that due to the above motivations, there is a lot of positivity surrounding these products. People are not critical and like to try different things. A great opportunity for many companies that offer ‘vegetarian alternatives’. This insight was one of the reasons for Gold & Green to reposition itself.

With Pulled Oats they already had a fantastic product that would potentially fit in well with today’s flexitarians. We are proud to have contributed to the relaunch of Pulled Oats, because the more people switch to less meat, the better! We were inspired by the story behind Pulled Oats you too?

Would you like to know more about our vision on nutrition 2.0? Or curious about how our approach works? Contact me, I would be happy to talk to you.

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