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21 Dec 2022 -

For a number of years, we spend our Christmas budget on a project that can use our support. One of the participants in our surveys drew our attention to the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation. She wanted to have her own compensation transferred to this. We are happy to follow her good example and donate our Christmas budget too!

About the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation

The NASF is committed to small, local health initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. The support consists of one-off donations for, for example, a health post, water kiosk, solar panels for a clinic or a women’s center.

To achieve this, the fund actively collaborates with Dutch and African health pioneers. These are people who are passionate about opening up new paths and areas of health care in Africa, following in the footsteps of Albert Schweitzer. The health pioneers take the initiative, the NASF gives them the necessary support. The donations fully benefit their health projects in Africa.

The fund supports projects on five themes:

  1. Medical care
  2. Woman & Health
  3. Vulnerable groups
  4. Water and sanitation
  5. Mother & Child

The NASF strives for a sustainable impact and ensures that every project focuses on training aimed at proper use and maintenance. Read more about the projects of the NASF.

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2023!


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