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03 Oct 2017 -

Beautiful Lives & Design Thinking

Design thinking is not (just) about aesthetics. In its most valuable form, it is a process for developing solutions to complex business problems and discovering new opportunities. Although the design thinking process is about creation, it needs to start from deep empathy for the end-user in order to realize any innovation valuable to this end-user. This makes design thinking a truly human based process.

The design thinking process further thrives trough radical collaboration in multidisciplinary teams of (internal and external) experts that can think divergently.

There are many ways to approach the design thinking key principles. Beautiful Lives uses the cycle beneath, including the following steps:

  • Scope: team-up, signal the problem & determine goals
  • Discover: gain insights
  • Frame: define opportunity areas
  • Ideate: create solutions
  • Build: make solutions tanglible (prototyping)
  • Rediscover: test solutions & iterate cycle further when relevant

Design thinking is a highly iterative and fast-moving process: constantly making ideas tangible is critical for testing and refining ideas with consumers in the real world.

The design thinking process guarantees results that do not only solve consumers problems, but solve them in a way that creates value for both consumers and the organization.

Curious about how design thinking can benefit your organization? Join our Design Thinking Workshop or please contact Anouk.Randag@beautifullives.com (+31 (0)35 30 300 20).

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