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13 Jan 2021 -


Why was the name Beautiful Lives chosen 15 years ago?
The name Beautiful Lives was born from the idea that nothing is as interesting, surprising and insightful as people’s daily lives. We have had many conversations over the years where you notice that reality can be so much funnier, more unruly, different than you think! Internally, we experience that “creating” Beautiful Lives applies to three target groups:

  • Our clients: whose daily lives we want to make better, more interesting and more successful with the results of our insights and innovation projects.
  • Our research participants: whose participation time we want to use in a fun, interesting way and for whom we hope to contribute to products and services that add value.
  • Our team: that deals daily with the cool projects we are working on!

What was your first significant assignment?
Beautiful Lives, BL as we often say, actually originated from one of the coolest projects ever. The Lives Project. A kind of community avant la lettre. For five years we have followed about 250 people per year who let us into their daily lives by means of photo assignments. This has resulted in a photo database with more than 100,000 photos, which you will never find in your photo album or on social media. We used that material for analyzes of our thematic Lives Edits. A kind of magazines on topics such as health, energy, relationship with brands. And of course for specific customer questions. After five years, we stopped the project and developed BL *Campfire, our online community setup. But the Lives Project was really special. I still regularly search for photos in that database!

What is really characteristic of the agency?
It is of course better to ask our customers this question. But, let me give it a try! We are very strong in the field of insight. We have been nominated several times as Agency of the Year. And in 2014 I became Researcher of the Year. However, it is the combination of our creativity and innovative strength makes the difference. For our customers, because we also show this in the output of projects. And for BL, because it ensures that, as a boutique agency, we succeed every time in being effectively innovative. Check out our BL * Campfire and BL * Artificial Intelligence tools. And thanks to Corona, we now have a state-of-the-art digital approach for innovation projects. I am proud of the fact that we have actually been working for clients such as FrieslandCampina, Bonduelle and NS since the early years. And over time, many cool customers have been added for which we are working both in the Netherlands and abroad!

Which five adjectives describe best the character of the agency?
We recently discussed this with the team. We have come to the conclusion that we want to be enterprising, stimulating and resourceful. And that we want to deliver top work, of course, also internationally.

What do the next 15 years look like?
That’s a tough one! Looking ahead 15 years is a long way. I don’t think I could have predicted where we are now 15 years ago! So let me look 5 years ahead. Then I hope that, just like now, we will have a compact, creative, smart and enterprising team. I get a lot of energy from that! That the combination of insights and innovation is still the core of our work, because that’s what I like the most. And that we have learned and applied new things in both areas! So yes, our core, our DNA remains the same and what that will look like in 5 years… ?! The nice thing about doing business is that you are constantly developing!

Are you going to celebrate: 15 years of BL?
I hope so! After all, we are 15 all year round to November this year. Plenty of plans, but they had to be put on hold due to corona. And otherwise, we just turn it into a ‘sweet sixteen party’.

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