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26 Jun 2019 -

Applying sustainability’ to your everyday business

Sustainability is the challenge of our lifetime. Customers increasingly want to act upon it and as ‘responsible global citizens’ companies need to and do act upon it more and more. But sustainability can be a complicated, catch-all term with many issues playing a role. How can we make the ‘complex’ ‘simple’? How do we replace confusion with clarity? How to ‘apply sustainability’ into the every practice of marketing and sales teams and make best use of existing expertise and initiatives (instead of adding new ones again)? And, as important, how to make it relevant to customers? That was the issue at hand for a project that AkzoNobel and Beautiful Lives undertook together in the period of March 2019 to May 2019.

Based on internal information, fuelled with an exploration by means of our ‘online artificial intelligence’ tool and interviews with internal and external sustainability experts we enriched the 6 sustainability accelerators AkzoNobel developed.

Each accelerator is linked to a Growth Platform, that gives direction on how to apply the theme to products, portfolio and communication. An activation toolbox supports marketing and sales teams in the local markets to define:

  • what themes are most relevant for their markets;
  • how to make these themes relevant to the 4 customer groups in activation, communication, service and product marketing.

Jeroen Brink, Director Sustainability & Transformation, AkzoNobel Paints

Jeroen Brink, Director Sustainability & Transformation, AkzoNobel Paints

‘The collaboration with BL was again pleasant and productive. BL provided solid content, challenging builds and focused workshop facilitation with the global Leadership Teams and commercial teams in Europe and Asia. The active knowledge management of the many earlier collaborations between AkzoNobel and BL offers ever more impulses for enriched outputs’.

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