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17 Apr 2020 -

Ahead of the curve? Profit from the insider insights of our Chinese partner

The last two years we did in China some exciting projects for our customers. Our Chinese partner, Jan van Loon CEO of White Caviar, has experienced the COVID 19 outbreak up close and seen what this meant for people, companies and brands. In our webinar of April 9th, he shared his knowledge with our customers. Three insights from his story, we like to share with you.

1. Keep the context in mind
When you look at the Chinese society with a Western view,  you can end up with the wrong assumptions. A small example. Chinese people consider wearing face masks as preventive behaviour. You show your responsibility to prevent others in your environment from getting infected. The Westen view is that Chinese people wear face mask out of fear of being infected. Als other measures of the Chinese government often have a different meaning for the Chinese population than Western people assume. Important learning is that the message accompanying the government measures is of utmost importance for the acceptance by the population.

2. Investigate your business chain
Which phase from your business chain can be designed more future proof? During the corona-crisis ‘contactless’ turned out to be an essential condition to continue daily life.  In China, the delivery of groceries took place at the home addresses of people. When the fear of infection increased delivery was concentrated to a central point in a residential area. With SMS the residents were asked to pick up their order. Another example of contactless was the use of robots in hospitals for the delivery of medicins. Which steps can your company take to be prepared for the future?

3. Health becomes part of the communication strategy
Resistance en resilience will become an important element in the communication of brands. The following aspects will be considered: the role of personal hygiene, the importance of foods strengthening your resistance, the stimulation of physical movement, reduce stress and promote social contacts. What is your new message to consumers and employees? How do you support your users to get ready for the new normal? 

Would you like to be ahead of the curve? We help you to understand post-corona target groups and develop propositions that fit the new reality. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a personal talk.


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