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15 Sep 2021 -

Patient journey HAE nominated for Takeda’s ‘Patient Centricity Ambassador of the Year Award’

Can you help us understand the information needs of a patient group with a very rare condition? Ans we also want to properly fulfill our support role for that patient group! That was pretty much the question with which Takeda approached Beautiful Lives. Sure we can. And how! And now this exceptional project has been nominated for Takeda’s Patient Centricity Ambassador of the Year Award’!

Through close cooperation with the patient association for HAE patients, we identified possible participants. With patience, open and honest communication, we have found 4 patients willing to talk to us about their experiences and information needs in the different stages of their disease process. First via an in-depth, personal, individual conversation. Followed by an online co-creative group conversation in which we worked on the website and app for HAE patients.

With 4 patients indeed! Few? Maybe. But maybe not if you consider that there are about 1000 HAE patients in the Netherlands. And maybe not if you can take the time to go in-depth with each participant and thus develop 4 detailed individual patient journeys, each of which provided a clear basis for the further development of the site and the app. And apparently certainly not too little for this honorable nomination.

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