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Insights for sharing

Sometimes we explore a topic on our own initiative. Simply because we find that interesting, or because we think it is important that more consumer insight becomes available. We call this Insights for sharing. Last year we have investigated the following themes. You can download the summaries for free here.

  • The Plastic Paradox
    In this study, we explore our paradoxical relationship with plastic and show how organizations in the transition to a ‘plastic-free’ society can communicate about this with consumers.
  • The Resilient Consumer
    In this report, we discuss the importance of resilience, especially in this day and age, in various aspects of life (from health to finance) and provide inspiring examples of how organizations can contribute to the resilience of their customers.

  • Ahead of the curve
    Would you like to gain more insight into the way in which China is tackling the COVID-19 crisis and from there into the underlying values of Chinese society? Then this co-production with our Chinese partner is certainly interesting!

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